Our next Art Book Swap New York will be held in Spring 2009. More details to come very soon.

Regency Arts Press Ltd. and the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) have created an innovative traveling programming event called Art Book Swap. Art Book Swap is simple in practice: people bring art-related books and swap their books for other books that have been donated by a wide variety of organizations, businesses and individuals. Visitors may swap as many books as they like on a one-for-one basis. Remaining books are all donated to prison libraries through local organizations: in New York the Prisoners’ Reading Encouragement Project, and in Los Angeles the Bunche Center Prison Outreach Program.

Art Book Swap is participatory, cooperative and enterprising. Art viewing intrinsically generates social congregation and interaction. Firmly located within an art viewing center — be it a museum or gallery district — Art Book Swap symbiotically engages with this activity, in addition to accomplishing a number of goals:

  • Injects social energy into inherently private pursuits (reading, book collecting).
  • Creates an interconnecting network of information and interchange between strangers.
  • Reshapes an untold number of private book collections by reenergizing them with new materials and topics.