Regency often works with artists whose career warrants the publishing of a major, comprehensive book of their work. However, rather than publish a monograph, we put the concept entirely in the artist’s hands, resulting in books that clearly speak in the artist’s voice while they also provide the reader/viewer with a comprehensive document of the artist’s production. These books published to date include:


Regency began the WORK ON PAPER series in 2003 with our very first books; to date we have published eight books in this series, by artists ranging from the emerging to the widely exhibited, and who work in a variety of media. WORK ON PAPER books are modest in scope and materials, and enable the artists to test out their ideas in a context that is essentially experimental and vital.


Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi, Disembodied Archetypes: Disembodied Archetypes, by artists Tamy Ben-Tor and Miki Carmi, is the first book in Regency Arts Press Ltd.’s series of collaborative books by two artists, 2X.