As the technology for making a book is now widely available, and the cost of making a book has dropped to almost any artist’s level of affordability, more and more artists are publishing their own artists’ books. However, these artists often have no distribution network for their production. Regency Arts Press Ltd. created Open Book as a service to address this need.

In Open Book, artists who work in book form are invited to share their production and process with other artists and interested viewers. Artists may submit one copy of their publication to be included in an open viewing reception. Open Book is engaging, participatory, and cooperative, accomplishing a number of goals:

  • Assist in the distribution of artists’ books made by artists with no distribution network
  • Provide a forum for artists to participate in the viewing of their books, typically an experience that occurs outside of their purview
  • Create an interconnecting web of shared information and interchange between artists and interested viewers
  • Bring a social aspect to the inherently private pursuit of reading and experiencing books

Sara Meltzer Gallery very generously hosts all of Regency’s Open Bookevents. Our most recent event took place on Thursday, November 8th; artists who participated in this event were:

Kristin Anderson and Danny Licul; Erica Baum; Karen Bell; Martin Bland; Wanrudee Buranakorn; Kathe Burkhart; Karen Cattan; Ceegee; Pak Sheung Chuen; Charles Clough; Dennis Cordell; Ricardo Cuevas; Jessica Delfino; Yevgeniy Fiks; Charley Friedman; Katie Glicksburg; Robert Goldman; Joanne Greenbaum; Janusz Jaworski; Susan Jennings; Kayrock; David Lantow; Catarina Leitao; Gay Leonhardt; Steven Little; Mads Lynnerup; Leah Oates; Catya Plate; James Prez; Luke Ramsey and Justin B. Williams/Islands Fold; Birgit Rathsmann; Steve Robinson; Daina Shobrys; Allyson Vieira and Stacy Wakefield Forte; Jody Zellen, One Sure Insurance